Knafeh Cafe recognized by Mayor Tait

City of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait recognized Little Arabia District-based business owner Asem Abusir on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, for his success as the owner of Knafeh Cafe, a pastry shop known for preparing and serving the traditional 'Nabulsian' Knafeh.

The certificate reads:

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait hereby recognizes Asem Abusir for your success as the owner of Knafeh Cafe, and master the artistry of making Knafeh, a delicious Arabic dessert which is a Middle Eastern tradition served at weddings, engagements, graduations, and other celebrations, bringing the original recipe inherited from your forefathers to Southern California and the City of Anaheim and for being well known as the business owner of a very friendly and welcoming family run business, and Mayor Tait hereby extends his sincere best wishes for continued success in the years ahead, this 14th day of April, 2015.