New York Times features Little Arabia during its ‘36 Hours in Anaheim’

Today the New York Times published an article by Debra Kamin about the hidden wonders of Anaheim, beyond Disneyland, which also featured Little Arabia’s Le Mirage Pastry.

“California is home to the United States’ largest concentration of Arab-Americans, and in Anaheim’s Little Arabia, a colorful concentration of Middle Eastern businesses, this thriving community is on full display. Halal butcher shops, hookah lounges and specialty clothing stores dot the landscape here, but for a sweet treat, pull over at Le Mirage Pastry. Here, Damascus-raised Maher Nakhal creates mouthwatering custom cakes and Arabic pastries, but the real treasure lies in how he has resurrected his family’s traditional recipe for bouzaa taffy-like Middle Eastern ice cream made stretchy with mastic and orchid flour. Paired with a cup of his thick Turkish coffee, it’s the perfect jolt to kick off your weekend (ice cream, $7.99; Turkish coffee $2.75).“

Read the full article here.